1. What is the Oak Grove consignment sale?

The Oak Grove Young Children’s School consignment sale occurs twice a year, in the spring and the fall, and is a volunteer-led sale of gently-used baby and children’s clothing, toys and equipment from over 300 consignors.

2. How do I become a consignor to sell items & what is the process like?

First, you need to register with MyConsignment Manager to become a seller. Then, you’ll use their website to enter items into inventory and print off sale tags. Affix the tags to your clothing and items, and schedule a time to check-in your items through our screening process. You can donate your unsold items to charity or pick them up after the sale, and in 2-3 weeks, we’ll mail you a check with your proceeds.

3. Where is Oak Grove UMC?

1722 Oak Grove Road, Decatur, GA 30033 - our sale has expanded to two buildings. Clothing will remain in the Gymnasium; toys, puzzles, games, books, and large equipment will be moving to Fellowship Hall. See our MyConsignment Manager for more detailed information.

4. Why should I consign?

Our sellers receive 66% of the price of each of their items sold (less a $10.00 consignor fee) and have the opportunity to shop the preview sale. The consignor fee covers security and the use of MyConsignmentManager, an excellent online tool to help you manage and tag your items. Our check-in process is streamlined with electronic check-in and covered in bad weather. In addition, we have created an enjoyable experience for our shoppers, adding new racks so clothes aren't crowded together and have bright lighting to help sell your items. Also, unlike most other sales, we happily do all of the work. Consignors are not required to volunteer at any time during our sale. We even help unload your heavy items!

5. How does OGYCS benefit from its sales?

All proceeds from this sale will be used to support the Oak Grove Young Children's School. Most recently, sale proceeds allowed us to purchase the new playground equipment, purchase unique curriculum elements, new classroom chairs, create a Sensory Motor room, fund an Occupational Therapist on staff and so much more. All of these are a joy for children in our school and community!

6.How do I become a consignor?

All consignors must register online Register Online and pay a $10 fee. We usually sell out of consignor spots before the sale begins, so register early!

7. What is my seller code?

Your seller code is a unique 4-or-5 letter code selected at registration that will be on all of your items’ tags. The system will ask you to choose another code if it’s already in use, and you may have to try more than once. Please, no inappropriate words, items we sell, or colors (i.e. BOOK, BIKE, BLUE; also not allowed: GIRL, GIRLS, or BOYS). Acceptable examples include: ALEX, BUBBA, CANDY, DELTA, EXCEL, FELT, HELP... you get the idea.

8. Can I use my seller code from the last sale?

Yes - with MyCM, once you have chosen a code and it has been accepted, that code will be your code indefinitely. You do not need to consign each sale in order to keep your code

9. I can't remember my previous seller code or login information, what do I do?

If you cannot remember your log-in information, there is a prompt on the registration page that will assist you in getting access to your account. Once you log into MyCM successfully, you will be able to access your code.

10. What happens if I registered as a consignor but do not show up for check-in?

If you register to consign at our sale, we expect that you will tag items worth $100 and have them ready at consignor check-in. However, we do know that special circumstances happen. If you are unable to tag items for our sale, please notify us at info@ogycsconsign.org as we always have a lengthy wait list of interested sellers. If you do not notify us by email prior to check-in, you will be considered a "NO SHOW" for our sale and will be dropped from our mailing list and will be unable to participate in future sales. **All pre-paid registration fees are non-refundable**

11. Registration is full, may I still consign items?

Email info@ogycsconsign.org to be put on our wait list.

12. How do I pay my $10 consignor fee?

Consignor fees are paid during the online registration process using PayPal. We will not accept any mailed payments. If you have trouble paying your consignor fee via PayPal, you can email us at info@ogycsconsign.org.

13. What's for sale?

Newborn to size 14 seasonally-appropriate clothing • Children’s shoes (up to Youth size 5, only specialty shoes – dress, sport, etc. – over size 5) • Toys & dolls (no war games, shooting toys, or weapons, please) • Books • DVDs, CDs, computer games, & video games (originals only – no reproductions accepted) • Games and puzzles (all pieces included) • Baby equipment (high chairs, pack-n-plays, exercausers, breast pumps) • Children’s furniture such as toddler beds, fixed side cribs, changing tables, nursing gliders, toy boxes, train tables, & small table and chair sets for a playroom (if you have questions, please email us at info@ogycsconsign.org) • Nursery décor • Outdoor toys (bikes, disassembled playhouses, wagons • Strollers and car seats (manufacture date of 5 years or less)

14. What type of clothing is appropriate for the Spring/Summer sale?

All things short sleeve - dresses, blouses, t-shirts, shorts, capri pants, sunsuits/jon-jons, collared (polo-style) shirts, and pajamas in spring/summer fabrics (cotton, linen, khaki, & seersucker) • Gently-used bathing suits • Full length pants ONLY IF a light fabric and color • Blue jeans are OK • Lighweight, pastel or white sweaters meant for spring • Costumes • Examples of clothing which will NOT be accepted for Spring/Summer: anything made of a fall/winter fabric, long sleeve shirts or pajamas, coats, thick sweaters, or clothes with a "fall" picture/theme

15. What type of clothing is appropriate for the Fall/Winter sale?

Long sleeve shirts and dresses, pants, pajamas, and sweaters in fall/winter fabrics (velvet, wool, corduroy, & flannel) • Blue jeans • Heavy coats & jackets • Costumes • Collared (polo-style) short sleeve shirts are OK • Examples of clothing which will NOT be accepted for Fall/Winter: sundresses, Capri pants, shorts, light “spring” fabrics, short sleeve t-shirts (unless there is an appropriate holiday theme on the shirt like Halloween, Thanksgiving, etc.)

16. What sells well?

In-season clothing, toys, books, games, DVDs, computer software, CDs, puzzles, nursery equipment and furniture, large toys (kitchens, train tables, wagons, etc.) • Large ticket items • Costumes and coats • Coordinated top/bottom sets – consider making an outfit out of a top and bottom, whether or not you bought them that way!

17.What does not sell well?

Handmade clothing, happy meal toys or books, toys with dead batteries (we recommend refreshing & noting “new batteries” on the tag), worn shoes • OVERPRICED ITEMS • Items not discounted on Saturday

18. What is not accepted?

Car seats manufactured more than 5 years ago & any recalled item *  Drop-side cribs and crib mattresses • Bedding, pillows and comforters (baby blankets are OK) • Window treatments • Used bottles, sippy cups, teethers, pacifiers or other feeding utensils • Stuffed animals - if a stuffed item has batteries (such as Tickle me Elmo), it is considered a toy and will be accepted if in good condition • Underwear • Maternity clothing • Adult clothing * Decorations, Party Supplies, or Pinatas * Grab Bags * Movies or Books that are not age appropriate

19. Help! Do I have to use different colored tags?

For each item entered into inventory, you will choose whether or not to donate the item (if it does not sell). If you choose to donate, the tag will be on white cardstock; if you choose to pick up the item, the tag will be light green cardstock. This is to help us sort items after the sale is over.  If you have more questions, email info@ogycsconsign.org for more information.

20. How do I price?

See our pricing guide pricing-guidelines for helpful suggestions.

21. How do I price?

Bulk wire hangers can be purchased from most drycleaners (about 100 for $5). We recommend Pinckard Cleaners. They have a hanger recycling program.

22. What is considered "boutique" clothing?

Examples of boutique clothing are smocked outfits, designer dresses, clothes worn in a wedding, fancy Christmas outfits, or outfits used for a photo shoot. The items hung on the boutique rack by consignors will be reviewed before the sale to ensure they are within the description.

23. Is there a limit to the number of baby clothes I can sell?

Yes. There is a 50-item limit on baby clothing sized infant up to AND including 6 month items (the 50-item limit is a total regardless of gender for each consignor). Costumes and swimwear do not count towards this limit.

24. What and where is check-in?

When you register to be a consignor, along with your seller code, you should select a specific check-in appointment time to drop off items (Wednesday morning, Wednesday night or Thursday morning).The check-in desk is outside of Scout Hall near our school entrance.  At check-in you will receive your preview passes if you have consigned $100 worth of items.  Your clothing, shoes, costumes/bathing suits, etc. will be screened by our volunteers in Scott Hall, then you will be asked to place your items in the Gym in the appropriate areas.  Volunteers will be in Scott Hall and the Gym to assist.  Toys, Books, DVDs, Large Equipment, etc. will need to be taken to Fellowship Hall for screening.

25. What is the screening process like?

You will stand with your clothes and the screener during the check-in process and given back any items which have stains or do not meet the seasonal guidelines. Don't worry, it's not a big deal to have items returned - the lighting in our screening room is really good and we are only trying to keep the quality of items high and the rack space less crowded which you will enjoy as a shopper. Please follow the guidelines for acceptable items!

26. May I check in early?

If you arrive outside your check-in time, you will be asked to return at your assigned time or wait until there is no line. Please be on time and we will try our best to check in your items quickly (depending on the number of items, check-in can take 30 minutes to an hour).

27. May I bring my children to check in?

Children are not recommended at check-in because of the hectic nature of check-in (especially Wednesday night) and needing to hang your own clothing items, it is recommended that you not bring small children, for their safety. If you must, please have babies & toddlers in a sling or stroller for everyone's safety.

28. What is the preview sale?

The Preview Sale is Thursday evening before the sale begins. After screening, each consignor who has a minimum total value of $100 will receive 1 preview sale pass for 6:00pm and 1 friend's preview pass with a later entrance time of 7:00pm. This exclusive "preview-sale" lets you shop before the general public on Friday. You will receive your passes after checking in your items. For the safety of your children and the convenience of other shoppers, absolutely NO children will be admitted to the preview sale - NO exceptions.

29. What is a friend's preview pass and what makes it different?

Qualified consignors will receive one pass intended for the consignor with a regular entrance time of 6:00pm; the second, "Friend", pass will have a later entrance time of 7:00pm capacity permitting. We have not turned away shoppers with passes yet, but for safety we need to monitor traffic flow in the building and therefore the second pass is subject to capacity limits. 

30. Can I donate items to earn a Preview Sale pass?

We do not have a donations program. If you would like to attend the preview sale, please register as a consignor with at least $100 worth of items to sell.

31. Can I bring my children to the preview sale?

Children are NOT allowed to attend our Preview Sale on Thursday Night for their own safety.

32. Can I bring my spouse, Mom, etc., to the preview sale?

You will receive one preview pass and one friend's preview pass. Your spouse, mom, friend, etc., may attend using the friend's preview pass. They will be able to enter at 7:00 pm, capacity permitting (and so far this has not been a problem at our sale).

33. When can I pick up my LIGHT GREEN tagged unsold merchandise?

The Sunday afternoon following the sale (same weekend), from 2:00-4:00 pm in the Oak Grove YCS Gym in Heritage Hall. If you are unable to pick up your remaining items at this time, you may designate at check-in registration someone else who will pick up items on your behalf. ID will be checked at pick-up. All unsold white-tagged items will be donated to charity. Unsold LIGHT GREEN-tagged items that are not picked up by 4:00 pm will be donated to charity (we simply do not have the space to store left over items). .

34. When do I get paid?

Checks are mailed out to the address consignors provided during registration within 2-3 weeks after the sale ends.