How to consign

Our sellers receive 66% of their total sales (less a $10.00 consignor fee paid via PayPal) AND get the opportunity to shop the Preview Sale (if the sellers consign sellable items valuing $100 or more).  All sellers must be pre-registered to sell at the consignment sale.

Learn what's for sale.

Please see the FAQ section for more information on consigning.

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10 Steps to Successful Consigning!

LIGHT GREEN  cardstock for return of unsold items.



  1. Decide on your consignor code and register
  2. Prepare items to sell / screening guidelines
  3. Double check your items
  4. Price your items
  5. Tags - entering online & printing
  6. Sort your items prior to check-in
  7. What and where is check-in?
  8. Spread the word and SHOP!
  9. Pick up LIGHT GREEN-tagged unsold merchandise
  10. Get paid

1. Consignor code and registration

All consignors must register. Online registration dates are posted on the home page. Please note we reserve the right to close registration early if the maximum number of sellers has been reached. Click here for registration information. When we reach capacity we will create a wait list and try our best to accomodate more sellers.

2. Understand the screening guidelines

Please help us keep the quality of items high and the rack space less crowded by following the guidelines below.   Remember, all items must be clean and in good condition.  Items will be inspected as they are brought in.  Clothing in poor condition, worn shoes, or items missing pieces (i.e. games or puzzles) will not be accepted for sale.  It will be a better shopping and selling experience for all! Should sellers place items on racks that are deamed wore, our team of screeners will pull them from the floor.


General Screening Guidelines

Items for Sale

  • Seasonal appropriate clothing (Newborn to size 14)
  • Children's shoes (all types of gently used shoes up to Youth size 5)
  • Toys & Dolls (no war games, shooting toys, or weapons, nor stuffed animals)
  • Fish tanks and pet accessories are not accepted.
  • Books: 150 per seller limit. (infant, toddler, preschool, early reader, age appropriate chapter books, teen books under the age of 14, parenting and pregancy books.) No adult cooking books, non - age appropriate historical books, no adult books. Sellers will be asked to categorize their books in corresponding boxes. Please leave time for this when dropping off items.
  • CDs, computer games, DVDs (no VHS), video games (originals only - no reproductions)
  • Games and Puzzles (all pieces included)
  • Baby and Nursery Equipment (high chairs, pack n plays, exersaucers, breast pumps, monitors, gliders)
  • Children's furniture (such as toddler beds, gliders, toy boxes, train tables, small table and chair sets for a playroom, children's chairs, are accepted). Due to recent CPSC recalls, we will NOT be accepting any drop side cribs. Toddler beds and fixed side cribs are still acceptable for sale. If you want to make sure your furniture would be accepted, please email us at
  • Sadly changing tables, decorative shelves, overly large mulit-part toddler beds (normal size toddler beds sell), twin beds, picture frames, wall art, nursey themed knick-knacks do not sell well. We will not be accepting them at this sale. For any exceptions please email a picture to
  • Nursery decor (crib bedding, comforters, pillows, and window treatments, all frame types, wall hangings/decor, nursery knick-knacks are NOT accepted) We are very sorry they do not sell.
  • Outdoor toys (bikes, scooters, helmets, sports equipment, life jackets, disassembled playhouses, wagons, water tables) and slides are welciome.
  • Strollers and car seats (manufacture date 5 years or less).
  • Maternity Clothes are NOT accepted


Due to health and sanitation reasons, we do not accept: stuffed animals, underwear, drop side cribs, crib bedding, comforters, pillows, window treatments, maternity clothes, used bottles, sippy cups, teethers, food items, pacifier or feeding utensils. If a stuffed item has batteries (such as Tickle me Elmo), it is considered a toy and will be accepted if in good condition.


Appropriate seasonal girls' and boys' clothing for Spring/Summer Sale:

  • All things short sleeve in spring fabrics - dresses, blouses, t-shirts, shorts, pajamas, etc. Also, we will accept gently used bathing suits, girls' capri pants or boys sunsuits/john johns. Coordinated top/bottom sets sell great!

  • Clothing accepted for Newborn to child's size 14. 

  • The only full length pants which will be accepted must be a lighter fabric and of lighter color. Specifically cotton or linen in khaki, white or pastel. The only sweaters we will accept are light weight / pastel color that are meant for Spring.
  • Examples of clothing which will NOT be accepted for the Spring/Summer: Anything made of a fall/winter fabric (such as velvet, wool, corduroy or flannel), long sleeve shirts or pajamas, coats, or thick sweaters. Clothes with a "fall" picture/theme.
  • Costumes, blue jeans and collared, short sleeve polo style shirts are accepted year-round although we recommend you bring these items to the more seasonal appropriate sale for a better chance of selling (jeans for fall and short sleeve polo style for spring).
  • Maternity clothes are NOT part of our sale.

Appropriate seasonal girls' and boys' clothing for Fall/Winter Sale:

  • Fall and winter: long sleeve shirts and dresses, pants, pajamas, sweaters, heavy coats , jackets and costumes. We do accept collared (polo type) short sleeve shirts year round, but no short sleeve t-shirts in the Fall sale unless there is an appropriate holiday theme on the shirt (Halloween, Thanksgiving, etc). Any style (current fashion) outfit in a heavier fabric such as velvet or corduroy is considered Fall/Winter.
  • Clothing accepted for Newborn to child's size 14. 
  • Examples of clothing which will not be accepted for Fall/Winter is short sleeve or sleeveless t-shirts, sundresses, Capri pants, shorts, and light “spring” fabrics such as linen.
  • Blue jeans and collared, short sleeve polo style shirts are accepted year-round although we recommend you bring these items to the more seasonal appropriate sale for a better chance of selling (jeans for fall and short sleeve polo style for spring).
  • Maternity clothes are NOT part of our sale.


Clothing / Shoes

  • Clothing must be clean, spot free, no holes, and a "current" fashion (recommended less than 5 years). Items which are pulled, torn, pilled (i.e. "fuzzy"), heavily wrinkled, unfresh, buttons missing, torn seams, odorous, worn out knees, or broken zippers will not be accepted. Our strict screening standards are in everyone's best interest as these items do not sell and take valuable rack space.
  • All hangers must face left (see picture/video). Adult-sized wire hangers only. (This is required for rack space efficiency). Use safety pins to ensure CARD STOCK tags stay attached to garments and that garments stay attached to hanger.
  • Leggings, bloomers and other accessories can be pinned to the same hanger. We encourage you to tag these items as well and mark 1 of 2 or 2 of 2; etc (The additional items do not need a bar coded price tag - the "2 of 2" can be a handwritten note if you are just trying to label a set which sells together).
  • Loose accessories and items must be in zip-lock bags or secured clear plastic bags with tags taped to inside of bag (but do NOT tape over the bar code please). Clear packing tape works best.  
  • Shoes are great sellers at our sale! Secure shoes using plastic cable ties (available at hardware stores). Or put shoes in zip lock bags. Safety pin the tag through the cable tie. This year shoes may be allocated by size in boxes or bins. Please secure the plastic bags with tape. SHOES MUST BE DIRT-FREE.
  • Pants must be securely fastened to the sloping wire of the hanger (see picture).
  • There is a 50-item limit on baby clothing sized infant up to AND including 6 months items (the 50-item limit is a total regardless of gender for each consignor). Costumes and swimwear do not count towards this limit. 
  • A correct size on the tag of your clothing is essential to successful consigning. Always use the lowest of the range listed on the garment's tag. For example, if the tag says 12-18mo, label your clothing size '12mo' on your tag. 
  • All baby clothes must be hung (i.e. no onesies in bags). 
    • DO NOT use S, M, L or pounds on size, only true sizes please.
    • Clothing stops at children's size 14. We do NOT accept ladies/mens clothing.
  • PLEASE put all Pajamas in bags. We will be using a box to separate pajamas by size. This will allow for more rack space and to accomodate the bulky winter clothing. For better merchandising it is recommended to you largetr zip lock bags.

Games/Books/Large Equipment

  • Please package games and toys securely -- rubber-band boxes closed if necessary. Place parts in secured plastic bag.
  • No car seats or bases with a manufacture date older than 5 years (usually found on the back). NOTE: this is very important as purchase date is NOT the same as manufacture date.
  • If your toys or large equipment have several pieces that would be easily separated, label each piece with your CODE, a brief description and number ( e.g. 1 of 2 , 2 of 2).
  • Please see specific information for consigning large play structures in our FAQ section to ensure items are accepted upon check-in.

3. Double check your items

  • Important Note - The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) recently clarified its regulation of the sale of children's products recommended for children age 12 and under. Under these new guidelines, "Sellers of used children's products, such as thrift stores and consignment stores, are not required to certify that those products meet the new lead limits, phthalates standard or new toy standards." However, please be advised it will be your (the consignor's) responsibility to ensure that all items tagged for sale in the OGYCS consignment sale comply with the CPSC regulations regarding lead content and recalled items. All consignors should check the CPSC Web site ( for information before submitting items for sale to ensure that items offered for sale comply with the new law. Items not in compliance may be turned away at check-in or pulled from the sale at the discretion of the OGYCS volunteers.
  • Please check the Recall Information to make sure that your item has not been recalled (especially car seats, which for our sale must be manufactured within the last 5 years). Call to check on your car seat with the manufacturer. You would be surprised by how many items get recalled and you may be able to correct the problem if the manufacture will send you a repair kit.
  • We only accept furniture that adheres to current safety standards from the CPSC which for pack'n'plays, no tears in the mesh walls. Due to recent CPSC recalls, we will not be accepting any drop side cribs. Toddler beds and fixed side cribs are still acceptable for sale.


4. Price your items

  • General pricing guideline is 25% of the retail/new value. Just like ebay, like new, new with tags, matching sets, etc. items sell for more. For example, if your child only wore the outfit once for a portrait, then say so on the tag and price it better than the 25% rule if it is truly in "like new" condition.  
  • Please price in 50 cent increments. Minimum of 50 cents.
  • When you create your price tags, the discount question refers to whether you want your items sold for half price on Saturday. If you are going to sell them for half price, answer Yes. If you do not, answer NO.
  • Even if you are not willing to sell the item for half price, it will still be available for sale on Saturday.

5. Tag your items - your tags need to be secured to withstand vigorous shopping!

Remember to TAG all items you want to pick up on Sunday if NOT sold with LIGHT GREEN card stock.

It is important to prepare your items properly -- improperly prepared or wrongly tagged items will be turned away at check-in!


All tags have to be created online and printed on your home computer (ink jet printers are preferable). You must use specific weight cardstock paper available at Michaels or office supply stores. The online system ensures the correct format we use for our sale and will add a bar code. Please refer to our detailed tagging instructions to make the tagging and check-in process as smooth as possible for you.


Tags must be printed on cardstock (WHITE or LIGHT GREEN, or a mixture of BOTH). This is to withstand vigorous shopping. WHITE tags are for items that you have selected "DONATE - YES". If unsold, these will NOT be returned to consignors and will be donated to a local charity. LIGHT GREEN tags are for items that you have selected "DONATE - NO". When sorting for consignor pick-up, we will only look at the color of the tag. All WHITE tagged unsold items will be donated to charity, even if marked "DONATE - NO". Please confirm that any items you want returned to you have LIGHT GREEN tags.


As a reminder, tags must NOT:

  1. Have pins or other attachments obscuring the code or price
  2. Have scratch-outs of code or price
  3. Be made of paper lighter weight than card stock
  4. Be made of white card stock with a light green sticker or colored with light green highlighter.
  5. Have a sticker with the code name placed over another sale's code or number. If you participate in more than one sale, you must re-tag your items using our online service.
  6. Be pinned on with a straight pin
  7. Have tape over the bar code

Please follow the above guidelines - information from your tag will be scanned into the computer system, which tracks your sales. Tags will not be pulled from merchandise to return to consignor.

6. Sort your items prior to check-in clothing

** This year, the sale drop off locations have changed.**

We use a "split check-in".  Clothing, shoes, and clothing accessories will still be screened in Scout Hall.  All other items (books,games,toys,puzzles,DVDs,baby items,equipment and furninture) can remain in your vehicle and will be unloaded and screened at our Fellowship Hall.  All clothing should be presorted by gender and size before coming to your consignor check-in appoiontment. Please group all toys together and all books together to help with setup.  

You will need to hang your clothes in the proper area so if they are sorted, this process is much faster for you. Presorting expedites the check-in process for you.  Due to the hectic nature of consignor check-in, it is recommended that you NOT bring small children with you. If you must, please have babies / toddlers in a sling or stroller for everyone's safety.

7. What and where is check-in?

When you registered to be a consignor, along with your seller code, you should have selected a specific check-in appointment time to drop off for either Wednesday morning, Wednesday night or Thursday morning before the sale. At this time, your items will be screened by our volunteers (see guidelines) and you will be asked to hang your clothing items in the gym. The following is all you need to know for check-in:

  • Check-in times and screening guidelines will be strictly adhered to in fairness to all consignors. If your items are not correctly tagged at check-in time or are not on adult wire hangers, you will be asked to leave the check-in line and re-work your items.
  • If you arrive outside your check-in time, you will be asked to leave the line and return at your assigned time or wait until there is no line. Please be on time and we will try our best to check in your items quickly.
  • Depending on your number of items, check-in takes around an hour.
  • You will stand with your clothes and the screener during the check-in process and you will be given back any items which do not meet the seasonal guidelines or quality standards.  Don't worry, it's not a big deal to have items returned - the lighting in our screening room is really good and we are only trying to keep the quality of items high and the rack space less crowded. You will appreciate this when you are shopping the sale.
  • If you have large equipment or large toy (play kitchen, bike, etc), leave it in the car initially and you will have the opportunity to drive it to the drop off location (Fellowship Hall) after you check-in.
  • We strongly suggest you pre-sort your items by size and gender as you will hang your own clothing items in the gym after they pass screening. 
  • Because of the hectic nature of check-in (especially Wed night) and needing to hang your own clothing items, it is recommended that you NOT bring small children. If you must, please have babies / toddlers in a sling or stroller for everyone's safety.
  • Bring as much as you can (except large equipment or outdoor toys) from your car to the check-in line. We recommend bringing something (or someone) to help you to carry items across the street from parking to check in (we suggest a wagon, laundry basket(s), or stroller).
  • After your items are reviewed by a screener and you hang clothes in the gym, you will be given your preview passes (if you met the minimum consignment amount of $100 total value). One pass is intended for the consignor/donor and will have a regular entrance time of 6:00pm; the 2nd pass (Friend's Preview Pass) will have a LATER entrance time of 7:00pm, CAPACITY permitting.
  • Your last step will be to get back into your car and drive any non-clothing and accessory items to the drop off area specially designated for these items (Fellowship Hall).

Where is check-in?

The Oak Grove Young Children's School is located at Oak Grove United Methodist Church, 1722 Oak Grove Road (at the corner of Oak Grove and Fair Oaks Roads) in Decatur, Georgia 30033. Please use the parking lot across Fair Oaks Road for parking during drop-off. You need to first come to the check-in table at Scout Hall (near the playground on Fair Oaks / across from the parking lot). You should see activity in this area. BOY SCOUTS AND SCOUT LEADERS MAY BE AVAILABLE TO ASSIST YOU WITH UNLOADING.  

Click here for directions to the Church and maps of the campus.

8. Spread the word and SHOP!

Tell your friends to come shop! Don't forget, if you consign the minimum number of items ($100 total value), you get to shop on Preview night! Don't forget to come back on Saturday for 1/2 price items - it is amazing to see how many great items are still for sale. Try to take your time. Don't forget to bring something to put your goodies in when you shop. Laundry baskets are commonly seen here. This is a great way to buy ahead for the holidays, birthday and other special gift giving times, you may even find brand new items! We accept cash, credit card (VISA and Mastercard.  We do NOT accept American Express), or check with a picture ID. Sales tax (7% Dekalb) is charged during our computer checkout.

9. Pick up LIGHT GREEN-tagged unsold merchandise

The Sunday afternoon following the sale (same weekend), from 2:00-4:00 pm in the Oak Grove YCS Gym in Heritage Hall. 

If you are unable to pick up your remaining items at this time, you may designate at check-in registration someone else who will pick up items on your behalf. ID will be checked at pick-up. All unsold white-tagged items will be donated to charity. Unsold LIGHT GREEN-tagged items that are not picked up by 4:00 pm will be donated to charity (we simply do not have the space to store left over items).

10. Get paid

Checks will be mailed to address provided during consignor registration (unless correction at check-in) within 2-3 weeks following the sale.

While we will use care in dealing with your merchandise, Oak Grove Young Children's School cannot be responsible for items that are damaged, lost or stolen. We reserve the right to remove items from the sale floor which do not meet our guidelines as outlined above, but were missed during screening (green tagged items will be returned to you at pick-up). We also reserve the right to exclude or remove sellers and shoppers from our sale that do not show 'shopping and selling ethics' necessary to make this a fair and fun sale.