It is important to prepare your items properly -- improperly prepared or wrongly tagged items will be turned away at check-in!  NO EXCEPTIONS


Assembly Supplies


LIGHT GREEN CARDSTOCK if you want items returned

  • Adult wire hangers only. NO plastic hangers accepted.
  • Safety pins - at least 1 inch long (NO straight pins)
  • Masking tape or clear packing tape for securing tags to non-clothing items
  • Cable ties (for shoes)
  • Small plastic bags (such as Ziploc bags) for small parts of a toy, required parts to a toddler bed, etc.


Online Tag Creation


  • All tags have to be created online and printed on your home computer (ink jet printers are preferable). You must use cardstock paper (available at Michaels or office supply stores). The online system ensures the correct format we use for our sale and will add a bar code.
  • Only access the MyConsignmentManager software from the OGYCS specific site, http://www.myconsignmentmanager.com/ogycsconsign/index.html. By doing this, you will not need to enter a print code when printing tags.
  • You can go into the system as many times as you like to enter items and print tags - it doesn't have to be in one sitting.
  • All tag information MUST BE entered by the sale lock date which will be the Saturday September 23, 2017 by 10:00pm. You can still print entered tags after this date.  Adhering to the cutoff date is essential, so that we can have item by item sales history reports for you, verification of the prices you entered, donations list for taxes, etc. 
  • Consignors who have not entered at least 25 items by Sunday, September 17th at 10:00pm will be removed from the system. This will provide adequate time for those on the wait list to consign their items. 

Paper requirements


  • Paper requirements include 60# through 67# and 110# cover stock or card stock; no fuzzy or textured paper (because the barcodes will bleed)


  • White tags should be used for items which, if unsold, will be donated to charity (remember to check the donate box when entering items online)
  • LIGHT GREEN tags should be used for items which, if unsold, you will pick up after the sale (do not use LIGHT GREEN highlighter on a white card)
  • When you are ready to print tags, you can sort by tag status (choose "not generated") and then "donate" (yes or no).  If you are ready to print only your tags for donated items, you would choose "yes" for white tags.  If you are ready to print only your tags for items NOT donated, you would choose "no" for GREEN tags.

Enter tag details

  • Please keep descriptions brief and not capitalized. If descriptions are too long, the tags will not print.  If you are selling clothing/apparel YOU MUST ENTER THE SIZE ON THE TAG.
  • If you would like your item sold for 1/2 price on Saturday, please check the Discount box when entering your item. This can be selected on an item by item basis. Items not discounted will still remain on the sales floor for buyers on Saturday.
  • Even though we are color coding the tags, you still need to answer the Donate question on the Enter Items screen (checkbox if you are donating - this will help you in inventory management reports as well as a receipt for donations of unsold items)
  • Price tags will be given a unique item number by the online system.  Therefore, please enter each item you have for sale (or use the power tagger option to save time).  If you have multiple like items (ex. 3 exact books), you should not print the same tag multiple times with the same item number.  If you do this, when the buyer goes to buy the 2nd item with that same tag/item number as the first, the system will not allow it to be sold. 


  • Use a printer with normal toner (no dot matrix printers)
  • When printing tags, confirm that a string of letters and numbers appear under the barcode. This will be needed if we need to enter your tag manually. Adjust your printer setup if needed to ensure all information is printed.
  • Use NORMAL or DRAFT print setting - Best quality is too dark and causes the barcodes to bleed and change your paper type to cardstock or mid-weight/heavy-weight.
  • Please test one page of tags and make sure the barcodes are crisp and clear and not bleeding
  • If you have a color printer, make sure that you have selected Black Cartridge Only from the printing properties screen. Otherwise, the tags can appear purple and blurry.


    • Do not put tape on the actual barcode! Tags need to be secured to withstand vigorous shopping so sometimes our consignors have taped on top of the safety pin but please not over the bar code. If your card stock is appropriate thickness and not pinned too close to the edge, you should not need to tape. For toys, we know tape is required but just be careful around the barcode area.
    • After printing, cut on the lines and safety pin at the top or middle of the tag (do not cover important
      information like code, price or the barcode).
    • Price tags MUST be attached to the upper right side as you look at the garment (or item) with a safety pin (at least one inch long). This allows the tag to be easily seen since all clothes hang to the left. The pin should be horizontal across the tag (careful not to cover the code) where it has made two entries into the tag for a secure hold to the garment.  Professional taggers like the ones used in stores are not allowed.
    • Tagging Large Equipment and Large Toys: Please review the following video for a step-by-step guide to tagging LE/LT items. LE/LT items require two tag copies. One tag stays with the item, the other goes with the customer to the register for scanning. We recommend attaching a ZIPLOC bag with your second tag for easy access.


Tags must NOT:

  • Have pins or other attachments obscuring the code or price

  • Have scratch-outs of code or price

  • Be made of paper lighter weight than card stock

  • Be made of white card stock with a LIGHT GREEN sticker or colored with LIGHT GREEN highlighter.

  • Have a sticker with the code name placed over another sale's code or number. If you participate in more than one sale, you must re-tag your items using our online service.

  • Be pinned on with a straight pin

  • Have tape over the bar code

Please follow the above guidelines - information from your tag will be scanned into the computer system, which tracks your sales. Tags will not be pulled from merchandise to return to consignor.





What are you

Here’s how to
package it

A few things to

Large Equipment/

Large Toys

  • Large Items require two tag copies.  One tag stays with the item, the other goes with the customer to the register for scanning.  We recommend attaching a ZIPLOC bag with your second tag for easy access (watch LE/LT tagging video above).
  • Secure any small parts or loose accessories in a sealed plastic bag.
  • If the item has more than one large part, create a separate handwritten label for the secondary pieces with your seller code and a description such as piece 2 of 2.
  • Disassemble all play structures and large items before check in.
  • All items should be clean and dry
  • We love large equipment and large toys!  Thank you for selling yours with us!
  • Car seats must have a base manufacture date younger than 5 years.


  • Hang on adult wire hangers (when facing the item, the hanger should look like a ‘?’ with the hook facing left.
  • Pin pants on both sides of the downward slope firmly against the hanger.
  • Pin your cardstock tag to the upper right of the garment.
  • A correct size on the tag of your clothing is essential to successful consigning. Always use the lowest of the range listed on the garment's tag. For example, if the tag says '12-18mo,' label your tag size '12mo.'
  • Items must be CLEAN!!
  • Clothing sets sell great!
  • No more than 30 infant items
    (up to 6 months) per consignor (excluding swimsuits and costumes).
  • Don’t forget to sell your holiday outfits, rain gear, and smocked dresses!!


  • Pair gently worn or new shoes together with cable ties or in plastic bags. Tags may fall off of cable ties so we recommend plastic bags.
  • Safety pin the tag to the tie or strap. You can also tape the tag to the plastic bag.
  • You Can Put your Shoes in a plastic bag! We will be using boxes this year to allocate shoes by size. Please tape your tags to your shoe bag.  
  • We will NOT accept dirty or overly worn shoes.
  • We accept shoes up to “big kid” size 5.
  • We accept specialty shoes (like ballet) over size 5.

Small Toys

  • All loose toys should be secured in a sealed plastic bag.
  • Secure the tag facing out for easy scanning.
  • No shooting toys, weapons, war games, or recalled toys.
  • Install batteries if your toy requires them – they sell better!


  • Secure boxes with tape or rubber band.
  • Tag with tape.
  • Make sure all pieces are included
  • We have a designated room for puzzles, games, and electronics.
  • Buy batteries at the dollar store if you need them.


  • Tag individually with tape on the front or back of the item.
  • Group similar items in a sealed plastic bag and tape the tag to the inside of the bag.
  • Books can be infant, preschool, early reader, teen, or adult reference books.
  • Only commercially ready items will be accepted – no copies.
  • VHS and cassette tapes are not accepted.

Top Tagging Reminders

  1. Always use the following link to access our tagging system:  http://www.myconsignmentmanager.com/ogycsconsign/index.html. We only accept tags created and printed through our system. Please, no handwriting on tags.
  2. Tags must be printed on cardstock (WHITE = DONATE, LIGHT GREEN =RETURN TO CONSIGNOR)  We WILL NOT accept items that are on copy paper or construction paper.
  3. Do NOT tape over the barcode on your tags.
  4. Print tags on the DRAFT or NORMAL printer setting, BEST setting will be too dark. Make sure your tags are crisp and clear, without any bleeding in the barcode.    
  5. Print using Black ink/toner only, no color.
  6. Use brief descriptions for your items.
  7. If a tag gets separated from its item, it cannot be sold. Please secure tags to your items (without taping over the barcode). Tags must be able to withstand rigorous shopping!